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Kepaza’s one of a kind top is featured on Fausti in Imagista magazine.

Fausti in our Kepaza top.

Fausti in our Kepaza top.

Imagista magazine had a chat with the fashion stylist/indie fashion icon and now a rising comedic talent Faustina about the past, present and future.

I left fashion but I AM fashion! I learned that I was always what I loved most about fashion and if I want to be surrounded by what I love most about it [fashion], I have to become more of it.
— Fausti

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Imagista magazine: @Imagista

Fausti @sofausti
Photographer: Evan Lee @evanleestudio
Styling & Direction: Christopher Quarterman @lejoursdechris
Makeup: Marjo – Riitta -Harkonen @marjo_ritta
Hair: Erin Herschleb @_erinpiper

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