Michelle Khare

Kepaza is featured in YouTuber Michelle Khare’s #ChallengeAccepted.

Michelle Khare - Kepaza Norway Fashions Finest Joanna Mitroi photography.jpeg

The famous YouTuber Michelle Khare walked in our show at London Fashion Week and modelled in campaign photos and videos! Michelle has a video series named #challengeAccepted and where she does hard, exciting and inspiring challenges to show everyone that you can do anything you want! Michelle is not the standard model and therefore was the shortest model to walk at London Fashion Week.

We are inspired by Michelle Khare’s passion, hard work and braveness! We absolutely love that she tries to change the norms and shows everyone that they can do what they want and dream big! We loved having her walk the catwalk for us and think she kicked as!
— Pernille Fristad, Founder and designer of Kepaza

Check out Michelle’s amazing journey to our show:

Pernille Fristad