Who we are

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Kepaza wants to make women feel playful, powerful and strong with a geometrical shaped twist.
— Pernille Fristad, Founder of Kepaza

About Kepaza

Kepaza is an up-and-coming luxury designer brand established in Baerum, Norway by designer Pernille Fristad. Kepaza creates playful, feminine, edgy and strong clothes for women all over the world. We always use geometrical shapes and lines to high light a women’s curves and make them feel empowered.



The collections are produced in limited editions to ensure that the quality of each piece is up to high standards and quality. Each fabric chosen is carefully selected based on color, shape, comfort, and season. We create our own prints to make the designs even more original and unique. Kepaza has only had 3 fashion shows and all 3 times was at New York Fashion Week and the latest in September 2017.



Kepaza want to be sustainable and consciousness as possible and we fokus on it every season and in the Kepaza universe. We want to have high quality in our clothes and thats why we produce our collections in Kaunas, Lithuania. By producing in Lithuania, we are helping to create new jobs in Europe and it also shortens the travel path of the clothes and that saves the environment for much emissions. We also have solar panels on the studio roof to create our own power that the studio uses.


Pernille Fristad

Pernille Fristad was awarded the “Golden Needle” when graduating from Esmod Fashion School in Oslo in 2014, and has had several internships for high-end designers such as By TiMo in Oslo, and Jeremy Scott in Los Angeles. Pernille has also worked as a stylist and is also a blogger.

Pernille has designed and made many different "One of a kind" outfits for Wella Trend vision competition with Laila Pettersen and other celebrities and artists.

Pernille has been stapled as “The One To Watch” by several fashion experts in the US, and is an exciting addition to the fashion community in Norway.


Be playful! 

 Photo: Kevin Mock  Kepaza´s Dreamy roads collection at New York Fashion week.

Photo: Kevin Mock

Kepaza´s Dreamy roads collection at New York Fashion week.

 Photo: Madeleine Lohne  Founder: Pernille Fristad

Photo: Madeleine Lohne

Founder: Pernille Fristad



- Started Kepaza: parallel with Fashion School Esmod Oslo



- Kepaza was featured in the February edition of Oslo trend magazine

- Pernille Fristad finished Fashion School Esmod Oslo with the collection "Sculpted fluidity"

- Pernille Fristad was awarded the "Golden Needle" for being the best student.


- Going for the dream! To work with Kepaza full time

- Kepaza clothes: ADM music album cover

- Exhibition: “Art meets fashion” collaboration with Artist Sirenes, exhibition at Studio 26, NYC

- Fashion show: 1st with Fashion Gallery New York Fashion Week, Spring Summer 17 “Pink cloud” collection. Our first fashion show.

- Special Exhibition: Miin Fashion Store, Baerums Verk – Showcased Kepaza clothes

- Designed & custom made outfit: No#1 Blogger Sophie Elise in Kepaza outfits for “The Norwegian Celebrity Award” 2016.

- Designed & custom made outfit: Highasakite Band, Lead Singer Ingrid Håvik in Kepaza outfit and Pianist Marte Eberson in a Kepaza cape for “Nobel Peace concert” 2016.



- Kepaza featured in the photo series "Norwegian designs" in Jute magazine.

- Designer/stylist: Artist Christine Ekeberg´s album cover

- Fashion show: 2nd time at Fashion Gallery New York Fashion Week, Fall Winter 17 “Add water” collection.

- Pop up shop: AMCONYC in New York City

- Award - Best Foreign Short Documentary Film 2017, Hollywood – “Kepaza - The road to NYFW”

- Kepaza featured in Elegant magazin

- Kepaza featured in the photo series "Cinderella" in the September edition of A´keen magazine

- Kepaza is in the September edition in Elléments Magazine, photograph series  "Ana Bela”

- Fashion show: 3rd time at Fashion Gallery New York Fashion Week, Spring Summer 18 “Dreamy Roads” collection

- Kepaza has a new brand ambassador: Sara AJ

- Kepaza made a stage outfit for singer Christiane Roald



- The Kepaza movie won a award for "Best Documentary Short" at HIMPFF in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

- Stylist Ali Levinge in Britney dress at the "Grammy viewing party" at The Grove, Los Angeles.

- Kepaza featured at Celebrity Page TV with a segment about Kepaza and the clothes.

- The Kepaza movie won a award for "Best forgein Documentary Short" at HIIDA in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

- Kepaza in Dreams on Air store in Soho, New York.

- Featured in "Budstikka", Backstage Tales, Fashion finest, House of Coco and "Tekstilforum"

- Kepaza On "Østlandsendingen radio" talking about being a designer.

- Kepaza in JF Curated store in Oslo, Norway. 

- Featured in Lucy´s magazine, King Kong Magazine and Pump magazine.

- Kepaza in PRISM store in London, UK

- Featured in Hallo magazine Serbia, Pansy magaine and Elucid magazine

Dreams are still coming true! Keep following.
— Love Kepaza