Women who inspire us: Maja Hoem Iversen

This month’s women who inspire us is the creative freelancer Maja Hoem Iversen. She works as a dancer, model and the coolest of them all, a magician assistant. She has also started studying again to become a social educator to help others. This blond woman has posed for us a few times as well!

Women who inspires us: Maja Hoem Iversen

Tell us about yourself:

I'm Maja, 28 years old and living in Oslo. I'm a trained dancer. In addition to working as a freelance dancer, a commercial model, and a magician's assistant, I'm now studying part time to become a social educator.


What is a normal day like for you? 

Since I work freelance, every day is different. I'm a sucker for a long, leisurely breakfast though, so I always try to make time for that, no matter how early I get up. My day can be very hectic going from one thing to another; it depends on what kind of work I'm doing that day. Freelancing also takes a lot of planning and organising. Unfortunately, this means that I have to do administrative work as well, which is not my favourite thing. A normal day for me can either be very active when I have dance- or modelling gigs, or it can involve way too much time in front of the computer and way too many cups of coffee. 

One day I can be all dressed up in a wedding gown, the next I can be at a photoshoot on a mountain or getting sawed in half on a stage out at sea. I love the contrasts and variety in my work! 

I feel happy when I dance, dancing is like meditation; free from thoughts and worry.
— Maja Hoem Iversen

 What is your style like? 

 I'm not quite sure how to describe my style, but someone once called it "dancer off duty", perhaps because I tend to go for "casual chic" and comfy clothes that I can move in. I like monochrome, so you'll often see me in black, white or grey. This time of year, I love summer dresses and skirts with sneakers, but my go-to outfit for any time of year is a pair of black loose pants and a white top. That said, I often dress according to how I'm feeling, and I think I have a lot of different styles depending on the day. Some days I can wake up and feel that "this is a bright yellow dress kinda day"! 

Maja in Celina cape as one of her favourite outfits this year!

Maja in Celina cape as one of her favourite outfits this year!

Show us your favourite outfit this year. 

 I wore this Kepaza top to an afterparty after a dance show and it felt like just the right mixture of fun and classy. 

When are you most happy?  

I'm most happy when I'm surrounded by my loved ones and feel calm inside enjoying the moment I'm in. I feel happy when I dance, dancing is like meditation; free from thoughts and worry. I'm also very happy when I'm in nature, whether it's on a high mountain or down by the seaside. And I love travelling! 


What is your biggest source of inspiration?

My family, my friends and other talented, passionate and kind people I meet along the way. I love talking to people who have a passion for what they do, whatever it is. 

Women who inspires us: Maja Hoem Iversen

If you got a dream day, what would you do? 

 I like not planning too much and experiencing new things, so a dream day for me would involve plenty of surprises and new experiences. And I would also want to jump in the ocean, sing karaoke and dance into the night.


What is the next fun thing you are going to do? 

I'm really looking forward to an upcoming photo shoot in Romsdalen. I love mountain hikes and consider myself pretty lucky to be able to go hiking as part of my job. I'm also looking forward to celebrating my nephew's 2nd birthday. He's the cutest!

Women who inspires us: Maja Hoem Iversen

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