Meredith Marks Collective

Meredith Marks Collective was started by jewellery designer Meredith Marks and Sally is their store manager. The store is one of a few stores in Park City, Utah and shows a lot of different brands from around the world. Learn more!

Inside the Meredith Marks Collective store.

Inside the Meredith Marks Collective store.

Tell us about the store:

The shop is on Main Street in Park City, which has high tourist traffic during the winter ski season and in the summer. Amazing restaurants and shops is surround the store. We focus on Meredith’s jewellery and outerwear designs. We Collaborate with several clothing and accessory designers. 


What is your biggest goal with the store?

Our biggest goal is to create a name and brand for us as the best shop on Main Street in Park City.


Tell us about you and your background?

Sally, operating partner, worked for Donna Karan New York for 10 years and high end couture shops before that. 

I, Meredith have been designing and selling my jewellery for the past 10 years. I also have a law degree and Master of Management from Northwestern University.

How is a normal day for the store?

During high season, it is very busy. 

During the spring and fall, it is much slower. 

The store window in Park City.

The store window in Park City.

What are you looking for in the brands you choose?

We are looking for lines that work for a higher end customer. We try to have unique and fashionable items that compliment the jewellery and our outerwear.


Why does Kepaza fit into your store?

It is light and fashionable and serves a wide group of clients.

Show us your favourite outfit this year.

We like the pink cloud dress

Meredith and Sally’s favourite outfit this year.

Meredith and Sally’s favourite outfit this year.

How many people work at the store?

2, my operating officer and a part time employee


What got you interested in what you do?

I have always loved fashion and would admire my great grandmother’s collection of jewellery from around the world.

When are you most happy?

Being outside on beautiful days. (almost everyday in Park City)

What is your biggest inspiration source? 

I get a lot of my inspiration from my travels.

If you got a dream day, what would you do?
My perfect day would consist of designing and spending time with family.

Meredith Marks Collectives instagram

Meredith Marks Collectives instagram

What is the next fun thing the store are going to do?

We will do a summer event with a charity.

Where can we find you and the store?
Instagram: @shopmeredithmarks

Facebook: @MeredithMarksJewelry

Find the store at
511 Main Street
84060 Park City, Utah

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