Dreems NYC store

Our amazing store in New York City have changed there name from Dreams on Air to Dreems! Dreems is a concept shop with also a showroom. We had a chat with the store and one of the owners. Get to know more about the store and what they stands for!

Dreems(Dreams on Air)

Tell us about the store:

DREEMS (Dreams on Air) is a luxury concept store/showroom located in prime SoHo NYC. We feature high end fashion brands and the most exciting emerging designers. You can also shop our designers at our website.

What is your biggest goal with the store?

To be the premiere destination for fashion brands to grow.

Tell us about you and your background?

I am a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn and now living in West Village. I am a techie, entrepreneur & Creative Director specialising in Digital. I worked for over a decade for large agencies leading digital teams I also having my own boutique firm. More recently, I’ve been working on my own exciting startups like DREEMS (Dreams on Air)

Dreems nyc

How is a normal day for the store?

A little of everything. We meet the most diverse and coolest people daily. We’re a startup that’s growing fast. It’s hectic but exciting.

What are you looking for in the brands you choose?

Great design, attention to detail, luxury and exciting long term business outlook.

Why does Kepaza fit into your store?

First of all, the people behind the brand. Aesthetically, it rounds out our portfolio really well, it’s playful edge complements our more serious side.

Kepaza hanging in the Dreems store.

Kepaza hanging in the Dreems store.

How many people work at the store?

We have a team of 12 plus consultants throughout NYC and around the world.

What got you interested in what you do?
Since I am in entrepreneurial mode, I like to solve problems, and this industry is facing a crisis.

When are you most happy?

When I am enjoying time with son and my family

What is your biggest inspiration source?

My parents and grandparents. They sacrificed so much to give me an opportunity.

If you got a dream day, what would you do?

Day dream on a beach

Dreems logo

Dreems logo

What is the next fun thing the store are going to do?

We’re renovating the NYC space. It is our ongoing mission to create the go to destination for the most exciting young designers.

Where can we find you and the store on Social media?

Dreem’s Instagram: @dreems.nyc

Dreem’s website: www.dreems.nyc

Find the store at:
120 Wooster St.
10012 New York, New York

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