Women who inspire us: Mónica Villar/Amanda chic

The Spanish blogger and influencer Mónica Villar is this month “Women who inspire us.” Monica is the face of the famous blog Amanda chic that is a lifestyle blog. She started the blog in 2011 and is working with brands, magazines and events all over the world. Amanda chic is one of the first collaboration Kepaza had with an influencer.  

Mónica Villar, founder of Amanda chic

Mónica Villar, founder of Amanda chic

Tell us about your self:

I'm influencer and blogger 360 degrees in www.amandachic.com. I work with travel, beauty, tech, food companies, but specially I work a lot with fashion brands cause fashion is one of my biggest passions, and it's a very important part of Amanda chic. I'm also fitness addict and sport is a very important part of my life. I have another passions for art, music and movies.


How is a normal day for you?

I have to answer emails of the brand request, creating looks, taking photos, network, travels and meetings. I always says that there is a lot of hidden work behind the scenes.

How is your style?

My style is eclectic, sometimes I wear classy, another athleisure or sporty or sometimes when boho it depends o the day and my mood. But I love to wear clothes like the fashion garments of Kepaza's that style the female silhouette and empower the women.

Amanda chic in Kepaza

Amanda chic in Kepaza

Show us your favourite outfit this year.

You can see all the special fashion looks that I create with Kepaza, my favourite brand. They are all my fav’s I’m a Kepaza’s lover.


What got you interested in what you do? 
With Amanda chic I can inspire and help another women or men, it's not only fashion, travels and more, I always send message about female empowerment, to fight for our dreams and many important things, I feel that I'm doing something great and I feel so good about that. I do a video looks that everybody loves cause you can see the movement of the garments.


Amanda chic quote about social media.jpg

What is the best part of you job?

The best part of my job is to help others. A couple of weeks ago one of my followers sent me a message about her sick daughter. I didn’t have the answer so I asked my followers to come with tips and information that can help their situation and hopefully make it better. They had a lot of great information that I could send back to the worried mother. The daughter is in the hospital right now and I a crossing my fingers that they can save her life! I feel so luck that I can help others trough my social media. That is the best feeling of my life without a doubt.


When are you most happy?

I am most happy when I work on Amanda chic,

The first time we worked with Mónica Villar and Amanda chic

The first time we worked with Mónica Villar and Amanda chic

What is your biggest inspiration source?

I get my biggest inspiration from art, music and travel. I use this to create my blog posts.


If you got a dream day, what would you do?

I would love to be in the next runway of Kepaza and I could show to my beautiful followers that your dreams come true.


What is the next fun thing you are going to do?

OMG!! I am going to Island in April and May to work in a cool project that you girl is going to love! Stay tuned on Amanda chic.

Mónica in our glacier printed Eli pants

Mónica in our glacier printed Eli pants

Where can we find you on Social media?

Blog, Press here

Facebook, Press here

Instagram, Press here

YouTube, Press here


I hope to see you on my site and social media channels! A chic kiss.

Lot’s of love Kepaza