Women who inspire us: Susanne "Susn" Dybvik

Susanne “Susn” Dybvik is a multi talented woman! She has strutted the catwalks at New York Fashion Week, she has published a book about her broken heart, and she inspires other women on her Instagram a blog with high fashion photos, workouts and her trips all over the world. She is still so down to earth and cares about the women around her.

 Let’s take a peak into her life:

Susn Dybvik in Kepaza. Photo taken in Los Angeles.

Susn Dybvik in Kepaza. Photo taken in Los Angeles.

Tell us about your self:
Susanne ‘Susn’ Dybvik – Model, Published Writer, Fitness enthusiast, Wanna-be Actress, Entrepreneur, self proclaimed Gypsy with a bachelor in business; on the search of life purpose 

Through modelling and writing I found a way of creating and expressing freely.
— Susanne "Susn" Dybvik

How is a normal day for you?
My life is very far from normal these days, and the most consistent thing is breakfast and an early workout. But every single day I work on furthering my career in some way.

How is your style?

That’s a good question. I try to make my own spin on any style I like, and I dress according to my mood. I also think since my hair is short, anything I wear gets an edge to it, so I guess my style is edgy.

Show us your favourite outfit this year:

Susanne Susn Dybvik


What got you interested in what you do?
I was asked to model for a friend but I never had thought I would ever be a model at that time. I´ve always been shy and insecure, not very good at expressing myself. But through modelling and writing I found a way of creating and expressing freely. I´ve always written and used it as therapy.

When are you most happy?
In the stables with horses, that’s just pure happiness to me. Also when I get to create.

What is your biggest inspiration source? 
Anyone who is unapologetic about who they are and what they want to contribute to the world. Ground breakers and dream chasers!

If you got a dream day, what would you do?
My dream day as of right now would be waking up to hit the gym early, before some promo for my new book, then spend the afternoon shooting for Italian Vogue, and the evening having dinner with my man on a beach somewhere.

Susanne’s book - RAW

Susanne’s book - RAW

What is the next fun thing you are going to do?

2019 will be a very exciting year with a lot of new things, but all is secret and follow me on SoMe and you will know what’s next. I will continue to work on all my fun projects, maybe a new book.

Where can we find you on Social media?


Buy the Raw book here:

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