Women who inspires us: Christina Fraas

This month we are inspired by the multi talented Christina Fraas.

Christina Fraas.

Christina Fraas.

Tell us about your self:
My name is Christina and I am currently renovating a 100 year old house called Kirsebærhagen (translated: cherrygarden). I moved to the countryside of Oslo after living almost 10 years in the capital. What brought me here was a terrible brake-up about two years ago. I never planned for this, but love my new career as a self taught handywoman in may bohemian paradise, living of social media and making content for magazines. Here I can soak in fresh air after a long day in the city, or just work in my pajama at my little homeoffice, and wander around barefoot.

How is a normal day for you?

The best thing about being freelance and running my own little business is waking up most days without have setting the alarm (oh my god - I will never take that for granted!). Some people might drink coffee to wake up, but I wake up to drink coffee! Being a real foodie I always have a big breakfast. Still wearing comfy clothes I answer emails and make lists, then I might do a little make-up and dress for the occasion - photos, filming, meetings or whatever is on my agenda. Hopefully I get time to do something other than work: go for a run, eat with friends or paint some furniture. But I also love to sit up late and do my writing in a peaceful tempo.

How is your style?

My style is very much colorful and fun. I love pieces of clothing that channels my inner child, my inner Disney character or my inner «Sasha Fierce». Also I have had all the hair colours of the rainbow. I started wearing vintage at age 10, just because those old dresses looked so cool! My mom was afraid I was going to get bullied, haha - but let me wear them anyway. And I never got bullied for dressing different. And I think the reason is the same for adults: you can pull off anything if you wear it with confidence!

Christina Fraas in Paris.

Christina Fraas in Paris.

Adventure. I need to be challenged, and I love a project that is just a little bit «too big» so I have something to aim for.
— Christina Fraas

Show us your favourite outfit this year.

That must be this one, in Paris with my best friend. Wearing all the most «french» things I could find, surrounded by cake and laughing so hard. Minutes after this was taken I spilled my coffee all over the bed and said «Oh my god, I’m so sorry» and my friend answered with such ease «Oh you spilled all over my bed? Everything is as usual then..». Then we had cake. Best moring, ever.

What got you interested in what you do?
Adventure. I need to be challenged, and I love a project that is just a little bit «too big» so I have something to aim for. Right now my goal is to build a kitchen, I have been living with very simple conditions for a while. And I am actually thriving in the process of building my own house. To live a more simple kind of life (for example with only outside shower - as I do now) is a challenge. But really good for the soul, mind and perspective. I also love working with social media and have been a nerd since the 90s.

When are you most happy?
When my surroundings are good: happy friends, money in the bank, good feedback on my work, not stressed out for a deadline, house looks fresh, feeling like a boss ass bitch wearing that outfit, extra chili mayo with my loaded fries. 

What is your biggest inspiration source? 
Family members, my closest friends and my childhood idols: Gwen Stefani, Pippi Langstrømpe and Beyoncé. 

Christina Fraas in here amazing bathtub!

Christina Fraas in here amazing bathtub!

If you got a dream day, what would you do?
If I got a dream day? Honey I make sure I have dream days on a regular. Zero plans is a dream day. Eating tacos for breakfast, binge watching Netflix. Drink a ton of coffee, get creative with building something, drawing or with interior. Or: going on a weekend with a friend, like to London or Paris. Visit all the stores we dont have in Norway. Be inspired by the things I can’t afford, and maybe buy something a little too extravagant for the memories and feeling of it. Then wear that thing to dinner and feel like a superstar. So yeah - my dream day is either in my sweatpants or high heels. Nothing in between.

What is the next fun thing you are going to do? 
Wear my new red faux fur coat and go dancing. 

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