Women who inspires us: Anniken Aalbu

Tell us about your self:
My name is Anniken Aalbu and I live in Los Angeles. I am originally from Norway but moved to California to go to college and pursue my film career. I am an actress and filmmaker, and I also sing. I have just started a podcast and a video blog. I have a passion for many thing and I love that this is my jobs.

Women who inspires us: Anniken Aalbu

Women who inspires us: Anniken Aalbu

I have always loved the entertainment industry and for as long as I can remember thats all I’ve ever wanted to do
— Anniken Aalbu

How is a normal day for you?

Every day is different. Some days I will have a lot of meetings, others I will work on different projects, film etc. Right now I also just started a youtube channel where I vlog my life in LA and I am starting a podcast that will hopefully be out within the next month. So a lot of different things, but I love not having a normal schedule. I get very easily bored and a 9-5 job has never been my thing. 

What makes you a Kepaza woman?
After discovering Kepaza I feel like I became a Kepaza women. I have never been one to wear lots of colours or be playful with my style, but this brand is so much fun and it can be styled in so many different ways. The clothes make me feel confident and playful which is the greatest feeling. Kepaza is so much more than just a brand or an article of clothing, its a lifestyle.

Anniken Aalbu

How is your style?
My style is minimalistic with more of an “edgy” side. I wear a lot of black and always love rough masculine mixed with very minimalistic chic. But then when I am working and I dont need to be on camera, I love anything thats flowy and super comfortable. I always try to be as comfortable as possible. 

What got you interested in what you do?
I have always loved the entertainment industry and for as long as I can remember thats all I've ever wanted to do. The feeling of being on a stage or in front of the camera is unique and also being able to step behind the camera and create something is like a drug. You cant get enough.

When are you most happy?
When I am working on something I am very passionate about (which luckily is very often) and when I spend time with the people I care about. My closest friends and family mean everything to me and even though most of them are on the other side of the world, their love and support makes me extremely happy. 

Anniken Aalbu

Best styling tip?
Be comfortable! If you’re comfortable, its more likely to feel very confident, and confidence is the best thing anyone can wear. I also love styling a jean short, white t-shirt and layering a lot of jewellery. You can never go wrong with a simple look like that!

What is your biggest inspiration source? 
Seeing other people follow their dreams and work hard and I also find a lot of inspiration from friends and family. 

If you got a dream day, what would you do?
I would be acting in a Christopher Nolan movie all day and end the day in the studio with Bruce Springsteen. 

What is your future goals?
To continue to push myself and work hard. Keep creating as much as possible. But if we are being realistic it would be: Become president of the United States of America, wear Kepaza to the Oscars, marry Jake Gyllenhaal, have my own talk show, have a huge house in Malibu and a pent house apartment in New York City and have all my best friends with me.

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Instagram: @AnnikenAalbu

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