Women who inspire us: Madeleine Lohne

Madeleine Lohne is a 22-year-old woman who just graduated from Sofi fashion school in Oslo and can now call her self a stylist. She is also a talented photographer and is also a blogger and an influencer on Instagram.  Madeleine has styled every one of Kepaza´s fashion shows in New York. We had a talk with her.

Madeleine Lohne in Dakota dress.

Madeleine Lohne in Dakota dress.

How is a normal day for you?

A normal day for me has consisted of a lot of different things, everything from School, blogging, styling jobs and photography work. I love having a lot to do and to experience a lot of different things.

How is your style?

My style is so much! It can be everything from totally black to full on colour crazy, but mostly black. I often decide how I dress depending on my mood and how I want to be perceived that day.

What got you interested in what you do?

I think it was my first part time job as a sale person in a clothing store that made me more interested in fashion and that lead me to study fashion and styling. I have always loved photography and I am self-thought. The blog came when I studied as a side project and it was a great place to show what I love to do.

Madeleine Lohne

When are you most happy?

I am often happy and that comes easy, like a good photo or time with the ones I love, can make me happy.

Best styling tip?
Even tough the comfortable comes first, the most important is to feel good and love what you are wearing. I love to mix creative combinations and I just have to go for it, and so can you.

What is your biggest inspiration source? 

My biggest inspiration source is all the beautiful people around me, both in real life and on social media. Traveling gives we a lot of inspiration and seeing how people dress in the different parts of the world. 2 of my favourites on Instagram are: @Alwaysjudging and @Blancamiro.

Madeleine Lohne.

Madeleine Lohne.

If you got a dream day, what would you do?
I have a fantastic life and a busy schedule that I love, so the only thing I would like is to relax on my dream day. Just lie on the beach all day or stroll around in the city with a camera and take photos of people stressing around and catching them in the moment.

What are your future goals?

My future goals keep changing all the time. I am still finding new interests that keep inspiring me, but at the moment I want to do what I love, fashion and photography for the rest of my life. I might want to start something of my own.

Follow Madeleine:

Website: www.madeleinelohne.com

Instagram: @Madeleinelohne

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