Women who inspires us: Jannie Gefle

Women who inspires us: Jannie Gefle

Women who inspires us: Jannie Gefle

Tell us about your self:

 I am Jannie Gefle a 27 years old girl from Oslo. I am an educated actress and a model. I also work as a home nurse and take up four subjects as external candidates, as well as I play football in my spare time. So, I have a lot on my plate right now, witch I find very exciting.


How is a normal day for you?

A day in my life is always different from day to day and that is something a love and treasure, but it can also be a little bit of a struggle. It makes it hard to plan things in advance how my week will be.


What makes you a Kepaza woman?

What makes me a Kepaza woman is my way of being the free spirit and spontaneous woman that I am. I love to wear different clothing’s to different events. And try to be as playful and colourful in my ways of dressing as the Kepaza’s brand is.

Jannie Gefle at the HIIDA in Hollywood, USA.

Jannie Gefle at the HIIDA in Hollywood, USA.

How is your style?

I don’t have a definition on one style I have. Manly because I like to be more than one person per say. So, I dress different to the different things I do in life or the different people I would like to per tray.


What got you interested in what you do?

My passion for acting and modelling came to me very early. I am a girly girl and I liked to dress up and be in the spotlight as well as I love following fashion styles and tips. Being an actress was my biggest dream in life that I was too afraid of perusing in the beginning. I held back for a long time because of the environment that I grew up in didn’t really support it. But when I finally grew up and put that aside I became more aware of myself and who I really am. I learned a lot about myself as a person during my education. But it is a brutal business with a lot of sharp elbows so you really have to fight all the way and stand your ground. As a model, I always look at the way the models held themselves and the confidence they had as the most admirable aspect. And after being in the Top Model Scandinavia show and getting all the way to the final I really wanted to pursue more of modelling.


When are you most happy?

I am absolutely most happy when I stand on a “stage”, whether it is a catwalk or on a theatre stage ore in front of a camera on film or on a shoot. That is when I really come to life.


Best styling tip?

My best styling tip is to be your natural self and take care of your body and skin.And if you feel like it use a little extra time on some minor details that will make your look/ outfit pop.

Jannie walking at New York Fashion Week for Kepaza

Jannie walking at New York Fashion Week for Kepaza

What is your biggest inspiration source? 

I have never really had a big fan or someone I look up to. But I get a lot of my inspirations from different creative people and brands that you see all around. I off course find a lot of inspiration in magazines and fashion baristas. Tyra Banks was probably the person I look up to when I was a little girl and I got a lot of my inspirations form here shows. But mostly I get my inspirations from creative individuals who love what the do and are not afraid to show it, like Kepaza.


If you got a dream day, what would you do?

If I got a dream day I would play the main character in a Hollywood production with amazing people beside me and have a big fashion show at the end of the day with all the glitter and the glam you can get.


What is your future goals?

My future goals are as simple as to be the best that I can be, and be happy with that.

If I get a leading role in a movie ore a signed modelling contract with a big brand that wants to use me as there face out, that would be a dream come true. So, my future goals are to keep on working hard and hope for the best.


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Instagram: @jannie.gefle

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