Women who inspire us: Sara Flaaen

Meet Sara Flaaen, a student, blogger, bartender and a fashionista!

Sara Flaaen

Tell us about your self:

My name is Sara and I'm 21. I'm half French and half Norwegian, and I'm so happy about getting to live a life with two cultures. Right now, I live in Oslo, where I'm studying Journalism and working part-time as a bartender. I'm passionate about fashion, style, cultures, languages and communication - which is why I enjoy blogging myself! I'm not sure what I want to do with my life yet, but I'm not afraid of exploring a little.

I enjoy standing out a little, and I strongly believe that beauty is not only the shape of A4.
— Sara Flaaen

How is a normal day for you?

I really like variation and busy days. Therefore I try to fill up my schedule, with either work or café dates with my girlfriends - or both! I'm not too big on breakfasts, so after waking up, I grab a croissant or something small on my way out. I'm not good at waking up early, but how late I sleep in depends on how late I went to bed the night before. Most days I either work or go to class at my college for a couple of hours. On my evenings off work I like to have dinner with friends, go out for some drinks, read a book or work out (occasionally, haha)!

What makes you a Kepaza woman?
I am full of life - just like Kepaza. I enjoy standing out a little, and I strongly believe that beauty is not only the shape of A4. I love Kepaza for being simple, elegant and flattering - but at the same time daring, playful and refreshing!

How is your style?

My style is still in development! This year for example, I've become more and more into using strong colours, which is a big contrast to a couple of years back, when I only wore black, white and grey… I feel that I'm at a place right now where I just like to have fun putting together outfits. These days I rather go with my gut when I'm out shopping, which is something that can end up really interesting for me and really unfortunate for my wallet, haha!

Sar Flaaen

What got you interested in what you do?

I started blogging after graduating High School, almost three years ago. It felt really natural because I've always loved writing and fashion, and I was taking a lot of pictures. It was a great match with my studies, too! I didn't know for how long I'd keep on doing it, but I actually enjoy it more and more, and I'm more serious about it now than ever before.

When are you most happy?

I'm the most happy when I feel ALIVE. I'm the kind of person who spends a lot of time worrying, planning and obsessing, so I long for the moments when I'm actually able to let all of that shit go and just be present in the moment. This means that it's the small things that make me really happy - for example running in the rain, dancing all night long, listening to good music while I get a tan, driving all by myself while I sing to the radio…

Best styling tip?

Do I even have one?? Haha, I'm pretty pro natural. I'm pretty convinced that style and beauty shines through from the inside, it's in the way you act and speak and move. When it comes to styling, I only need my brows to be done to feel fresh. In addition to that I think that a hint of blusher really does the trick any day of the week!

Sara Flaaen

What is your biggest inspiration source? 

I think I must say Instagram. I find loads of outfit and fashion inspiration there, as well as ideas for cool pictures. Instagram is a wonderful place for the creative mind!!

If you got a dream day, what would you do?
On a dream day I would be surrounded by the people I love all the time. I'm really sociable and extroverted, so I'd just want to do a lot of different fun activities with all my friends and family! We could have a large brunch, picnic in the park, go to the beach etc.

What is your future goals?

My goal is to have a job that allows me to live a hectic life. I get easily restless, so I want to keep moving every day. I'm excited to find out exactly how that is going to work out, haha… Until then I'll study a little more, because I love school and my life as a student as well!

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