Women who inspires us: Yrja Oftedahl

Have you ever wanted to listen to lots of amazing ladies talk about what they do?

Yrja Oftedahl trough her podcast “Power Ladies” is more interested in finding the unique and powerful with you as a listener and the ladies she interviews! We had a chat with this talented lady!

Women who inspires us: Yrja Oftedahl

Women who inspires us: Yrja Oftedahl

Tell us about yourself:

Yrja Oftedahl - the hosting manager of Power Ladies Podcast - who is building a platform showcasing women that stands out in their field of expertise and thinks big. Most of them have a sustainable footprint.

How is a normal day for you?
At the moment I have three jobs. My podcast, journalist for a few magazines and doing Community at Spaces. So my time is divided between these three settings almost every day - I do not have much time for other thing besides work and physical movement. That's one of the reasons I enjoy hosting monthly events - I get to see all the people I enjoy spending time with at once.

How is your style?

My style is quite casual - I like to dress comfortable. I very often wear a skirt. I rarely buy new stuff - normally I inherit clothes from my mother. Minimalism and conscious lifestyle describes.

Yrja Oftedahl

Show us your favourite outfit this year.

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What got you interested in what you do?

Oh jeez. The desire to make women believe in themselves enough to go after their dreams - whether it is to start their own companies, ask for that leader position or salary raise, or change to a more suiting job or change their lifestyle to a more sustainable one - take responsibility, speak up and become the creator of their own success - to me role models are crucial for this to happen. That's why I believe in my Power Ladies concept so much. I also love getting people to talk and showcase people I believe and after listening to Tim Ferriss podcast for a few years - this seemed like the perfect place to start.

When are you most happy?
When I do what I love - interviewing - spend time with people that I love and that inspires me - and preferably somewhere warm.

And of course I am the best and most happy version of myself mentally and physically when I sleep well, eat healthy and move my body.

Yrja Oftedahl
Take responsibility, speak up and become the creator of their own success - to me role models are crucial for this to happen.
— Yrja Oftedahl, Power Ladies

What is your biggest inspiration source? 

Doers - people with a passion and drive.  I try to surround myself with smart and kind people, doers and people that support me and believe in vision - that’s what makes me push myself forward.

If you got a dream day, what would you do?
Spend time interviewing top leading world class performers at day time, get an hour to work out before hosting a big event with my fabulous Power Ladies community in the evening - then come home to my family.

What is the next fun thing you are going to do?

I have many plans. I am really looking forwards to start broadcasting my show on Facebook and Youtube. In 2019 I am planning more offline happenings. 

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