Ambassador - Sara AJ

Photo: Sara AJ

Photo: Sara AJ

Meet our new ambassador Sara. 

Tell us about your self:
I am 20 year old fashion and beauty-junkie/blogger living in Oslo. My life, as well as my blog is all about fashion, beauty, art, self-improvement and cats.

How is a normal day for you?
All the days are different! But a “normal” Sara A.J day usually consists of blogging, cuddling with pets and/or my bf, emails, photos, planning and makeup. Throw in a fun event or meeting, and some friends and it's a perfect day for me.

Do you have a secret tip?
Don´t know if it's really all that secret, but a good tip that I use heavily myself for staying sane and collected through everyday life, is to always take one hour a day to yourself. To just be with yourself and do something just for you, and no one else.
Even if it's just watching your favourite show on Netflix with a cup of your favourite tea; Just do it, and make sure you always make time for it.
I started doing this a while back, and It has made such a difference on my stress levels, creative flow and pretty much everything.

How is your style?
Eclectic! Haha! It's literally whatever I want it to be. My style has changed a lot over the few years that I’ve been alive, and it probably will continue to do so.
My ability to reinvent my style whenever I feel like it, without regard for what others might think is something I hope to never lose.
I´ve always been drawn to old movies like “Breakfast at Tiffany's” and “The Seven Year Itch”, as well as different underground styles, and I think that is kinda reflected in my outfits and makeup looks.
Lately, I'm very inspired by more classic, chic styles, and love combining that with more modern, street elements and a pop of colour!

Sara AJ in Celina cape in Sea print.

Sara AJ in Celina cape in Sea print.

What got you interested in what you do?
I´ve just always loved being creative honestly. And I´ve always played around with fashion and makeup. But if there's one distinct thing that I can remember that got me really into the thought of actually doing something with it, must be when I got a book called something like “the fashion bible”, if I remember correctly, for christmas. I think I was about 9 or 10 years old, and this book had me mesmerized!
The models, the hair, the makeup, the clothing, the stories - I just fell absolutely hopelessly in love with this weird stuff, and it sort of just never wore off!
And now I am a model, take mua-gigs every now and then and have a blog all about fashion and beauty. Don´t remember who gave me that book, but hey, I´d say that was a pretty cool gift!

When are you most happy?
Probably while creating something, traveling or just when I´m all cuddled up with my pets or my boyfriend. Or whenever I get to daydream.

Best styling tip?
Choose one thing! One thing that really sticks out and says “here I am”.
If it´s makeup, choose for instance a popping eyelook, and pair it with some neutral lips, or a popping lip color, with a more toned-down eyelook.
If it's your outfit, pick one awesome statement-piece that makes the whole outfit, and let that truly shine by pairing it with some basics.
This honestly never goes wrong, and it is such an easy way to always look good and put together, without hiding your personality!

What is your biggest inspiration source? 
I kind of try to take whatever inspiration I can out of anyone and everything I encounter. The world is such a cool and beautiful place, so I figure, why not take some inspiration from literally anything I can?

If you got a dream day, what would you do?
Just a day? I would probably want to travel the world, create lots of stuff, meet a lot of cool people and just feel great - but I probably wouldn't settle for a day, haha! I would ask for a lifetime.
I mean, why settle?

What is your future goals?
I’m actually looking for internships within the fashion industry right now, so hopefully something cool happens there.
Otherwise, the plan is to just have a lot of good times with friends and my boyfriend, to blog a lot, really get into making videos and to have a lot of fun with Insp, Kepaza and other projects.
Oh, and we’re actually moving soon!

Sara AJ

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