The brand:

“Kepaza makes women feel playful, powerful, sustainable and strong with a geometrical shaped twist.”

Kepaza is a luxury designer brand established in Baerum, Norway by award winning designer Pernille Fristad. Kepaza creates playful, feminine, edgy and strong clothes for women all over the world. We always use geometrical shapes and lines to high light a women’s curves and make them feel empowered.

Show off your playful self with #Kepazawomen

Our vision

Kepaza is an inclusive brand and love to dress different sizes, body types, ages and ethnical background. We have worked for diversity and inclusion since day one! We want to make people happier, more positive and colourful with our clothes and that includes the planet. We love our colourful planet and that is why we want to be sustainable and consciousness as possible and we focus on this in the Kepaza universe. We want to have high quality in our clothes and thats why we produce our collections in Kaunas, Lithuania.

It’s time to rise up and do what we can to take care of the environment, our lives and to support each other and our selves.

Be playful!


Pernille Fristad, Kepaza

Designer Pernille Fristad

Pernille Fristad was awarded the “Golden Needle” when graduating from Esmod Fashion School in Oslo in 2014, and has had several internships for high-end designers such as By TiMo in Oslo, and Jeremy Scott in Los Angeles. “Kepaza - road to New York Fashion week” is a movie about Pernille’s life and has won 2 awards in Hollywood, USA. Pernille has worked as a fashion stylist on several photo series for magazines, styled different artists, models and people for music videos, catwalk shows and one movie (The writer.)

Instagram: @Pernillekepaza